Struts 2 Training

Struts 2 Training

The struts 2 framework is used to develop MVC-based web application.
The struts framework was initially created by Craig McClanahan and donated to Apache Foundation in May, 2000 and Struts 1.0 was released in June 2001.
The current stable release of Struts is Struts in March 2, 2014.
This struts 2 tutorial covers all the topics of Struts 2 Framework with simplified examples for beginners and experienced persons.


Struts Tutorial
Struts2 Introduction
What is Struts open linkStruts2 FeaturesModel1 vs Model2Struts 2 ExampleStruts2 in Myeclipse
Core Components
Struts 2 Architecture
Struts2 Action
Struts2 Configuration
struts.xmlmulti configurationmulti namespace
Custom Interceptorparams interceptorexecAndWait prepare interceptormodelDriven interceptorexception interceptorfileUpload interceptor
Struts 2 Validation
1) Custom Validation
2) Bundled Validators
3) Ajax Validation
Aware Interfaces
Struts2 with I18N
Zero Configuration
By conventionBy annotation
Struts2 with Tiles2
Hibernate with Struts2
Spring with Struts2
UI Tags
DateTimePickerIterator Tag
Registration ExampleLogin and LogoutFetch All Records
Interview Questions
Struts2 Quiz
Struts Basics Quiz-1Struts Basics Quiz-2

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