JPA Training

JPA Training

JPA tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Java Persistence API. Our JPA tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.
JPA is just a specification that facilitates object-relational mapping to manage relational data in Java applications. It provides a platform to work directly with objects instead of using SQL statements.


JPA Tutorial

JPA Tutorial open linkJPA IntroductionJPA InstallationJPA ORM

JPA Entity

Entity IntroductionCreating an Entity

JPA Entity Manager

Entity ManagerInserting an EntityFinding an EntityUpdating an EntityDeleting an Entity

JPA Collection Mapping

Collection MappingList MappingSet MappingMap Mapping

JPA Type of Mapping

One-To-One MappingOne-To-Many MappingMany-To-One MappingMany-To-Many Mapping

JPA Cascading

Cascading OperationsCascade PersistCascade Remove


JPQL IntroductionJPQL Basic OperationsJPQL Bulk Data OperationsJPQL Advanced Operations

JPA Criteria API

Criteria API IntroductionCriteria SELECT ClauseCriteria ORDER BY ClauseCriteria WHERE ClauseCriteria GROUP BY ClauseCriteria Having Clause

JPA Inheritance

Inheritance OverviewSingle Table StrategyJoined StrategyTable-per-class Strategy

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