Java Web Services Training

Java Web Services Training

Java web services tutorial provides concepts and examples of two main java web services api: JAX-WS and JAX-RS. The java web service application can be accessed by other programming languages such as .Net and PHP.
Java web service application perform communication through WSDL (Web Services Description Language). There are two ways to write java web service application code: SOAP and RESTful.


Web Services Tutorial
Web Service TutorialWhat is web serviceWS ComponentsSOAP Web ServiceRESTful Web ServiceSOAP vs RESTSOA
Java Web Services
Java Web Services open link
1) JAX-WS Tutorial
JAX-WS TutorialRPC vs DocumentJAX-WS Ex RPCJAX-WS Ex Document
2) JAX-RS Tutorial
JAX-RS TutorialJAX-RS Ex JerseyJAX-RS AnnotationsJAX-RS File DownloadJAX-RS File Upload
Interview Questions
Web Services Interview

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