Java 9 Features

Java 9 Features

Oracle has released Java 9 with rich set of new features. It includes various upgrades to the Java programming, JVM, Tools and libraries. In this tutorial, we will discuss all the main features that are given below.
  • Platform Module System (Project Jigsaw)
  • Interface Private Methods
  • Try-With Resources
  • Anonymous Classes
  • @SafeVarargs Annotation
  • Collection Factory Methods
  • Process API Improvement
  • New Version-String Scheme
  • JShell: The Java Shell (REPL)
  • Process API Improvement
  • Control Panel
  • Stream API Improvement
  • Installer Enhancement for Microsoft windows and many more


Basics of Java
OOPs Concepts
Java String
Java Regex
Exception Handling
Java Inner classes
Java Multithreading
Java I/O
Java Networking
Java AWT
Java Swing
Java Applet
Java Reflection
Java Date
Java Conversion
Java Collection
Java New Features
Java New Features
Java 9 Features
Java 9 Features open linkInterface Private MethodsTry-With ResourcesAnonymous ClassesSafeVarargs AnnotationCollection Factory MethodsProcess API ImprovementVersion-String SchemeJShell (REPL)Module SystemControl PanelStream API ImprovementUnderscore Keyword
Java 8 Features
Java 8 FeaturesLambda ExpressionsMethod ReferencesFunctional InterfacesStream APIStream FilterBase64 Encode DecodeDefault MethodsforEach() methodCollectors classStringJoiner classOptional classJavaScript NashornParallel Array SortType InferenceParameter ReflectionType AnnotationsJDBC Improvements
Java 7 Features
Binary LiteralsSwitch with StringJava 7 Multi CatchTry with ResourcesType InferenceNumeric LiteralsJava 7 JDBC
Java 4/5 Features
AssertionFor-each loopVarargsStatic ImportAutoboxing and UnboxingEnum TypeAnnotationCustom AnnotationGenerics

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