EJB Training

EJB Training

EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) is used to develop scalable, robust and secured enterprise applications in java.
Unlike RMI, middleware services such as security, transaction management etc. are provided by EJB Container to all EJB applications.
The current version of EJB is EJB 3.2. The development of EJB 3 is faster than EJB 2 because of simplicity and annotations such as @EJB, @Stateless, @Stateful, @ModelDriven, @PreDestroy, @PostConstruct etc.


Introduction to EJB open linkWhat is EJB
Session Bean
Session BeanStateless Session BeanStateful Session Bean
JMS Tutorial
What is JMSJMS QueueJMS Topic
MDB Tutorial
Message Driven Bean
Entity Bean
Entity Bean
Interview Questions
EJB Interview Questions

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