Online Training PHP with Mysql with Live Project

Online Training  with Certificate Live Project Development Training
Days Portions to cover
Day 1 PHP Introduction
Day 2 Variables, Constants, Datatypes
Day 3 Operators and Control Structures
Day 4 Looping Statements
Day 5 Arrays and Foreach Loop
Day 6 PHP Functions
Day 7 HTML Forms with PHP
Day 8 File Handling
Day 9 Introduction to MySQL
Day 10 Datatypes, Constraints
Day 11 Select, Orderby, Limit
Day 12 Functions - Number, Date, Character, Control Flow
Day 13 Joins, Groupby, Having, Subquery, Indexing
Day 14 PHP With MySQL
Day 15 Cookies in PHP
Day 16 Sessions in PHP
Day 17 Blog Project Demo, PhpMyAdmin
Day 18-20 Project
Day 21 Oops with PHP - Basics
Day 22 Oops with PHP - Advanced
Day 23 Javascript- Introduction, Functions, Events, Validation
Day 24 CSS
Day 25 CSS Practice
Day 26-27 Ajax
Day 28-29 Jquery
Day 30-31 Smarty
Day 32-33 CakePHP/Codeigniter
Day 34 Interview Questions
Day 35-38 Project
Day 39 CSS Template Integration
Day 40 Project Hosting in Internet
Day 40-45 Paypal Payment Gateway Integration
Day 45-50 Facebook API Integration
Day 51-54 Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap framework
Day 55-60 Project ­ Advanced Features, SMS Gateway Integration
Training cost: 6000 Rs

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